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February Worship Services

Sunday, February 21:

Virtual Service

This is the First Sunday in Lent. The Gospel reading from Mark 1:9-15 tells of Jesus’ baptism, his being sent into the wilderness, and his return, preaching the nearness of God’s reign. Finding one’s way in the wilderness can be scary, but it was there that Jesus experiences God’s nearness. Out of this experience, Jesus came preaching good news to the poor. This story contains a powerful message for Amicable Church at this time in our life together.

Sunday, February 14:.

Virtual Service

The Worship Team is planning a special Valentine’s Day service with our focus, naturally, on Love. Not necessarily the Hallmark-greeting-card or flower-and-candy take on love, rather on Divine Love in all of its forms. Whether it is the love between friends, romantic love, love of our pets, etc., Love Is Love. All forms of authentic love are an expression of Divine Love in the world. The service will be a special blend of readings, songs, and hymns that focus on these different aspects of love. This service promises to be both moving and entertaining!

Sunday, February 7:

Virtual Service

This Sunday we will focus on the problem of homelessness in our state and country. Rev. Sterrett will have spent the night outdoors in front of the church on Saturday, January 30th, to raise moneys for the Fall River homeless shelter, First Step Inn. We hope youth group members will do the same at their homes.

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