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BOOK PROJECT 2023/2024

Many children's books were donated to us from Savers in Fall River last year. (Thanks to Leslie Simonson!) The project for our Faith Formation children was to recondition the books so that they could continue to be shared and read by other children! It was a long process bit they are DONE!

Where did all those books finally go?

Much later than intended, but just in time for summer program planning at the following four destinations:

  • To Stafford Road in Tiverton the Community Action Program’s population of preschooler’s fourth graders in particular:

    • 126 books, including all the Read-to-Me books for young lap sitters.

  • To the Citizens for Citizens Fall River for their day camp setting, K through eighth grade:

    • 206 books. Their program features “take home to read and bring it back to swap for another. "The goal is for readers not to lose ground over a long summer vacation.

  • To the YMCA Fall River:

    • 344 books including the ones they might keep for the autumn re-opening of the after-school homework stations which would be all the "research" texts in history, geography, outer space, and underwater exploration, etc. here on our home planet.

  • To the Clairborne Pell Elementary School Newport:

    • 830 books featuring the ones they especially appreciate about racial and international diversity in America's urban populations and “how we all got here" stories. Up to Level 4 reading skills were the most welcome. A similar lifestyle applies of “take one home for a few days, read to your parents and siblings, and swap it for another one. " This is another East Bay Community Action Program site, as is our local one here in Tiverton.


Each recipient community service partner was more than grateful for our outreach to them and the children they serve.


Grand total of books, all in good condition, with quite a future lifespan still ahead of them: 1,506!


We thank our Faith Formation children and leaders and especially Leslie Simonson whose idea, bargain shopping skills, guidance, and “heavy lifting” made this project happen!

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