The Arts at Amicable


Amicable Church believes that the arts are an important vehicle for exploring and expressing the emotional and spiritual side of the human experience. Vaughn Bryner, Minister of Music and Arts Outreach, brings a number of arts into both our Sunday services and our arts outreach programs.



The Arts in Our Sunday Services

In addition to traditional hymns, choir anthems, and organ pieces, a service at Amicable might include a folk, pop, R&B, rock, or jazz song or even a musical theatre piece that speaks to a topic or social justice theme that is being highlighted in the service. At times pieces of poetry, drama, musical drama or dance might also be included.


Children and teens regularly participate in our Sunday services. Our teens are occasionally in charge of a Sunday service, in which they are encouraged to voice how they see a particular issue in their lives, their church and their community. They have created musical drama scenes, poetry slams, and multimedia presentations as a part of these services. The church has seen many children and youth empowered by the arts, having grown in self-esteem and confidence in working with and in front of groups. A number of parents and grandparents of these kids have reported how life-changing these experiences have been.


Adults like to get in on the act too, and have participated in drama or musical drama scenes with messages about spouse abuse, racism in the judicial system, homophobia, and the emotional toll of war, to name a few!


Arts Programs for Children and Teens

Amicable Church hosts singing and acting programs of C.O.R.E. (Creative Outreach Reinventing Expression), an after school arts program. Gloria Crist teaches acting classes and Vaughn Bryner teaches vocal performance classes as a part of this program.


Concerts and Community Arts Events

In addition, Amicable Church supports community arts programs by hosting concerts and other arts events. The Greater Tiverton Community Chorus holds weekly rehearsals at Amicable during their performance season.


Past Events: