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Child Care

The Child Care room at Amicable provides a safe and welcoming space for the youngest members of our church. All caregivers will strive to help each child feel comfortable, safe, and special. By providing this warm and welcoming space, we hope to enable you as parents to relax and participate in worship as well as other church activities.

Sunday School/Faith Formation

Amicable emphasizes Sunday school/Faith Formation and church as a strong foundation for family life. Every child who comes to Amicable learns quickly that they are loved and supported. Amicable's Sunday school is a place where children experience love and nurture through caring and dedicated teachers. They are encouraged to explore their faith and discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Everyone working with children and youth go through a background check and are required to read and sign a copy of the Safe Church Code of Behavior.


The youth room is a safe place for youth to discuss issues that are important to them. Our youth know they can always be their true self at Amicable. Youth are invited to learn about ministry firsthand by creating church services that express their viewpoint. Mission work through summer trips and regional and national UCC events provides relationship building and purpose through serving others.

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Confirmation 2020

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Special Activities

Participation in various UCC's nationwide events! In 2023 it was the Climate Hope Cards Art Contest. Youth from all age groups participated in this fun event! We even had a finalist from Amicable! Click here for more information!

Special Days

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On the Farm Sunday


Vacation Bible Camp


Advent Wreath Making

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