Seeking to become

Accessible to All

Widening Our Welcome!

Amicable welcomes all to worship and to utilize the church building for dinners, meetings, and other activities, but the physical nature of the building as it stood prevented many from feeling comfortable or even from joining us at all.


The mission of the Accessibility Task Force (ATF) was to to develop a plan to transform our church building into one that is indeed accessible to all individuals.  In addition, there were usability issues concerning the layout of the church building that made its use inconvenient and at times difficult.



Accessibility Project – Follow-up



Messier Construction (Rick Messier)  

Maryellen Castro (Insurance, Compliance)        

Roger Gauthier (Lead, Financial)

Sixteen on Center (Shawn Harris)   

Martha MacNaught (Design, Materials)     

Todd Strunk (Construction Oversight)




To Do:

Rekey all church doors and setup/finalize method for internal/on-site-only access to keys as needed. Miscellaneous interior signage updates. 

Campaign pledges received & Donation receipts: 

Pledges made/plausible: $471K/$450K

Receipts: $443,752

Donation and Memorial contributions receipts: $75,906

Construction and Support Expenses Paid: $659,884

Post-Construction Decor and specialty Items Paid: $30,688

Completed: Kitchenette, refrigerator & commercial dishwasher; north entry mats, benches, planters; special bathroom mirrors,lawn watering equipment, lobby phones, office window blinds, minister's office furniture, UH Walkway benches, Lobby table, kitchen refrigerator. Hot Air Ductwork vacuumed/cleaned, Picture framing & hanging, UH Walkway bulletin board, Church Office Bulletin Board, Coat Peg Racks, UH Storage Closet chair racks. UH painting project completed. Shelving installed in UH Landing Supply Closet and Secretary's in/out rack installed outside of church office. Shelving installed to 2nd UH Landing Closet, Upper Hall Bulletin Board has arrived and has been set up.


Estimated expenses remaining: $1,400


Accessibility Funds

Funds on-hand $2,246

Funds held in General Endowment Fund: $83,528

Accessibility Pledges Outstanding & Expected: $20,190

Construction Loan 

Monthly Loan Payments begin 08/15/18

Minimum monthly payment is $2,105

Our current monthly payment is $2,200

No. of Payments made: 16

Loan Balance: $366,592

Loan Principal Paid: $9,669

Loan Interest Paid: $26,145

Paid off in October 2044

Thank You for Your Continued Support

We Made it to WOW!!!