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Amicable Congregational Church
United Church of Christ

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Palm Sunday - March 24, 2024, 10:00a.m. 

Procession of Palms

If you would like to participate in the procession, join us on March 17th, after services/ coffee hour, to learn a simple processional for the Procession of Palms. It will be a joyous procession with percussion and a very short, repeated sung melody. 

Maundy Thursday - March 28, 2024, 6:00 p.m. - SAVE THE DATE!

Come and be fed ~ Body, Mind, and Spirit! In our own "Upper Room"

A Soup and Bread Supper, remembering (or learning!) how Passover, and Jesus’ last meal with his disciples and the Communion Service of churches around the world are each chapter one continuous story. The story line is this: how deeply and how continuously God loves all people(s) who hunger to be free, to be fed, and to be family. The menu includes:

  • a craft corner where we create the table centerpiece

  • three or more crockpots of different soup recipes

  • catching up in conversation with friends, over home-cooked food

  • a little singing which moves the Biblical story along 

  • and a closing Communion where we serve each other around the dinner table.

 This is an “All Ages Welcome” event. Soup choices will feature at least one vegetarian, one gluten-free and one lamb & rice with a touch of middle eastern spice. Volunteers are needed who enjoy being creative in your own kitchen’s crockpot and sharing the results, but who will also have the benefit of working from recipes which fit those dietary descriptions.  

There is no $ charge for the dinner & no reservations needed in advance.

Might this be a chance not only to reconnect with each other in flavorful fashion, but also an opportunity to invite a colleague, neighbor, or friend to come “taste and see” a bit of what Amicable is about? Who might you invite?

Good Friday - March 29, 2024, Noon to 6:30 P.M. 

Reflection and Meditation

You are invited to come and reflect as you walk on a 24’ by 24’ canvas labyrinth laid out on the floor in the Upper Hall.

If you choose not to walk on the canvas, there will be finger labyrinths available.

Questions? Ask Peggy Matteson, our Labyrinth Walk facilitator, or other facilitators that will be available to answer questions that day and protect the quiet, peacefulness of the space.

Easter Sunday - March 31, 2024, 10:00a.m. 

We hope you will join us for Easter Worship Services.

If you would like to order Lilies or Tulips to donate in memory or honor of a loved one, please fill out a form located in your Weekly Bulletin, the rear of the Sanctuary, the Upper Hall, or outside of the church office. Deadline for orders is Sunday, March 17th!  Your donations will help to beautifully decorate our Sanctuary and remember your loved ones at Easter!


For over a decade, Amicable has supported the mission of Holy Joe’s Café through donations collected during Coffee Hour on the first Sunday of each month. As with so many things, this collection was interrupted by the Covid pandemic. Now that we are sharing fellowship in the Upper Hall after church with more regularity, the Deacons would like to raise awareness of the mission and begin intentionally collecting monthly donations again. For more information about Holy Joe's Cafe please visit:

Our Story — Holy Joe's Cafe (



Click here for more info!

50% off ART sale!

We will be closed on March 21,23 & 28 for the Spring changeover. ACTS will reopen March 30th!

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Thinking of your new 2024 New Year’s Resolutions!

Thinking of ways to “give back”?

Share you smile? Share your time? Share your talents?

Teach your children responsibility through volunteerism?

Host a Coffee Hour? We could use you!

Click here for information!

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having a spirit of friendliness, good-natured, neighborly

Welcome to Amicable Congregational Church.

We are a very active congregation with deep roots in the Tiverton community. As followers of Jesus Christ, we have taken seriously God's call to serve the least among us. We invite you to join us in worship and to participate in one of our many ministries.

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