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April 4, 2020 at 9:00 am

Happening at Amicable...

Breaking the Binary:

A Community Workshop on Transgender and Gender Non Binary Inclusivity











Following worship and coffee hour on Sunday, March 1, Bente Sterrett MSW, LCSW will lead a workshop teaching the concepts, terminology, and cultural awareness to support transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, in particular youth. Participants will learn about gender identity development, the processes of coming out, transitioning, and navigating internalized oppression and trauma. The focus of the workshop will be on building skills to provide culturally competent support that is in the best interest of all gender variant individuals. 

Participants will gain a better understanding of how the concept of gender relates to their own personal identity and the identities of others. Those attending will also learn appropriate language, cultural-generational differences in language used, and the psychological affects choice of language has on Transgender individuals. Additionally, participants will become aware of special concerns related to this population and learn strategies to address them, as well as improve their ability to identify micro aggressions, thereby minimizing harm.

Bente Sterrett has over seven years of experience in various Human Service positions within Fall River, and now works in a clinical practice setting treating mental health conditions, including LGBTQ+ individuals. She has previously organized a presentation and panel discussion on LGBTQ for a community organization and is in the process of becoming certified as a Trans Gender Specialist.

This training has been presented to the MA Department of Children and Families, the Fall River School Department, and various Fall River human service and counseling agencies.

Book Group!

Amicable Church is hosting a book group at the Tiverton Public Library on the third Wednesday of each month at 2:00 p.m.  The theme is "Spirituality and Politics" with the goal of encouraging conversations about faith and politics. The January discussion will be held on Wednesday, February 19, 2:00 p.m., at the Tiverton Public Library. Those interested are asked to read "Finding Chika" by Mitch Albom. Copies are available at the library.

It is our hope that by hosting this book group at the Tiverton Library, people who may have been hurt by the church community of their youth or distanced themselves from church completely, may find a spiritual community connection and begin to see church as different from what they experienced and find a way back to a faith community. 

Amicable Congregational Church 3736 Main Road Tiverton, RI 02878     

e-mail:                    Phone: (401) 624-4611

Worship every Sunday at 10am.