Worship Themes


Sunday, June 7:

Virtual Service

During worship this Sunday, we are happy to celebrate the confirmation of Robert and Connor Campion, and the baptism of Aidan McCoy. Guided by Corinthians 12:3b-13, our three confirmands will share with us their reasons for deciding to join the membership of Amicable Congregational Church. Music for this service will reflect their favorite hymns. The actual confirmation segment of this service will be filmed live at the north entrance of the church at 10:00 a.m. The congregation will be provided with a link to this service also.












Sunday, June 14:

Virtual Service

We will celebrate our Sunday School children and youth this Children's Sunday. This virtual worship service will recognize and thank our teachers and we will also name the recipients of the annual Garey scholarship awards.










Special Summer Worship Series

Navigating Our Loss of Stability:

Naming our Emotions. Processing both individual and collective turmoil in the face of the pandemic, the economic downturn, and the persistence of racial injustice



Sunday, June 21:

Virtual Service

Our special series on grief and loss begins with the first stage: Shock and Denial. Bente Sterrett, a licensed clinical social worker practicing in Fall River, MA, will speak to the effect the shock of the pandemic, economic downturn, and the persistence of racial injustice has on our bodies, minds, and spirits. She will offer some guidance for therapeutic and spiritual practices to help us when we are experiencing these emotions.











Sunday, June 28:

 Virtual Service

The second stage of grief and loss, Pain and Guilt, will be addressed by Nancy Kubic, a licensed independent clinical social worker with a practice here in Tiverton. In addition to speaking about how this manifests itself in our lives, Nancy will also provide therapeutic and spiritual practices to help us work through any pain or guilt we may be feeling.










Past Events:

Special Summer Worship Series:

Connecting to the Spiritual in Everyday Life

Exploring Practices that keep us connected to the Divine and one another, members and friends of Amicable Church shared their experiences each Sunday.

Amicable's Lenten series "Meeting the Other" examined the 5 Moral Pillars explained in Jonathan Haidt's "The Righteous Mind". Each Sunday, personal experiences were shared on Loyalty/Betrayal, Sanctity/Purity/Degradation, Fairness/Cheating, Care/Harm, and Respect/Authority. In addition, a discussion series was held in partnership with the Tiverton Library inviting people from the community to listen and share their thoughts in an effort to heal the divide in our country.

Amicable held a special service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving on for All Saints Day.  All who attended were invited to share a photo and light a candle for individuals close to their heart who have passed on.

World Wide Communion Sunday, October  with children and youth participating!


Groundbreaking Excitement!

Widening Our Welcome

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