Worship Themes


Sunday, February 2:

This Sunday's worship service will reflect on Homeless Awareness Weekend and the youth's experience sleeping outside in cardboard boxes. We will give thanks for our own warm homes and pray for those who do not have such comfort.









Sunday, February 9:

Sometimes, to quote Ecclesiastes, "there is nothing new under the sun." In Isaiah 58:1-12, the prophet spells out, very clearly, what God expects of us; how we are to live. Then, a little over 500 years later, Jesus is giving the same message, as he calls the people to be "the salt of the earth" and "the light of the world". Still today, the words of Isaiah and Jesus are both a rebuke of our living and a call to live into the will of God.









Sunday, February 16:

In today's Gospel lesson, Matthew 5:21-26, Jesus challenges us to let go of our anger. Instead, we are to meet those who have angered us with openness and gentleness. Or, as the children will be singing in worship this Sunday, Jesus is inviting us "to put on love." What does this kind of "clothing" look like? How are we to go about putting "on love"? Let us listen to the children's voices, and just maybe we will better understand how the "clothing" of love looks.










Sunday, February 23:

Our newly formed Southern New England Conference UCC voted on November 2 in the affirmative about the Conference's justice commitments. Amicable's Church Council gave verbal approval of these commitments, indicating they were Amicable's commitments as well. This year's Lenten journey, "Just Peace" will provide a deeper awareness and clarity around these justice commitments. Appropriately, on this Transfiguration Sunday, we will begin by examining why being Accessible to All (A2A) is an important justice issue.





Past Events:

Special Summer Worship Series 2018:

Connecting to the Spiritual in Everyday Life

Exploring Practices that keep us connected to the Divine and one another, members and friends of Amicable Church shared their experiences each Sunday.

Amicable's Lenten series "Meeting the Other" examined the 5 Moral Pillars explained in Jonathan Haidt's "The Righteous Mind". Each Sunday, personal experiences were shared on Loyalty/Betrayal, Sanctity/Purity/Degradation, Fairness/Cheating, Care/Harm, and Respect/Authority. In addition, a discussion series was held in partnership with the Tiverton Library inviting people from the community to listen and share their thoughts in an effort to heal the divide in our country.

Amicable held a special service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving on Wednesday, November 1, 2017, All Saints Day, at 7:30 p.m. All who attended were invited to share a photo and light a candle for individuals close to their heart who have passed on.

World Wide Communion Sunday, October  with children and youth participating!


Groundbreaking Excitement!

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