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Sunday, May 3:

Virtual Service

We have heard a great deal of reference lately to "essential workers". Many of the lowest paid jobs in our economy are the "essential" jobs. What does this tell us about God's economy? What does our "interconnectedness" have to do with this? In today's service we will also share communion virtually.










Sunday, May 10:

Virtual Service

Traditionally this Sunday we lift up all mothers. This year we will expand the parental theme. This pandemic has caused us new concerns about our elders, especially those living in nursing homes and independent living facilities. We will focus on ways we can honor our elders when we, and they, emerge from isolation and face to face visits are allowed.











Sunday, May 17:

Virtual Service

On this Sunday we find ourselves in the middle of May, which means, hopefully, the end of frost and the beginning of gardening (for us nonpros anyway). This Sunday we will look at what skills we are dusting off in our home confinement - gardening, sewing, knitting, games, puzzles, etc. and how we might be learning to do with what we have.














Sunday, May 24:

 Virtual Service

For many of us, the pandemic has given us a new sense of gratitude: for our health, for our families, for our neighbors, for those who so unselfishly have cared for the sick, the vulnerable, and even us. Gratitude will be our theme on this Memorial Day Weekend.










Sunday, May 31:

Virtual Service

On Pentecost Sunday we traditionally confirm our confirmands, but as of this writing, it is uncertain whether or not we will be back in the sanctuary worshiping together again. We will wait for the movement of the Holy Spirit in our life together in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, and pray for the gift of the Spirit.


"We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends"

Past Events:

Special Summer Worship Series:

Connecting to the Spiritual in Everyday Life

Exploring Practices that keep us connected to the Divine and one another, members and friends of Amicable Church shared their experiences each Sunday.

Amicable's Lenten series "Meeting the Other" examined the 5 Moral Pillars explained in Jonathan Haidt's "The Righteous Mind". Each Sunday, personal experiences were shared on Loyalty/Betrayal, Sanctity/Purity/Degradation, Fairness/Cheating, Care/Harm, and Respect/Authority. In addition, a discussion series was held in partnership with the Tiverton Library inviting people from the community to listen and share their thoughts in an effort to heal the divide in our country.

Amicable held a special service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving on for All Saints Day.  All who attended were invited to share a photo and light a candle for individuals close to their heart who have passed on.

World Wide Communion Sunday, October  with children and youth participating!


Groundbreaking Excitement!

Widening Our Welcome

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