Worship Themes

Sunday, January 3:

Virtual Service

Rev. Dr. Leslie Simonson will lead worship this Sunday while Rev. Sterrett is away. The theme for this virtual worship is "House of Bread" which is the Hebrew translation for "Bethlehem". We will also participate in Communion during the service.









Sunday, January 10:

Virtual Service

We are thankful to have Rev. Dr. Charles Simonson lead worship this Sunday while Rev. Sterrett is away.












Sunday, January 17:

Virtual Service

We will honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. this Sunday as we focus on the legacy of Dr. King's ministry and what it means to be "chosen by God" and a "light to all nations". The sermon will be based on words from the prophet Isaiah 49: 1-7.










Sunday, January 24:

Virtual Service

This Sunday we will celebrate the baptism of Christina Youd and her daughter Orianna. We will share their baptism service, recorded in Amicable's sanctuary and will hear their baptismal blessing verses.











Sunday, January 31:

Virtual Service

On this Sunday, 33 years ago, Rev. Sterrett preached a "trial sermon" at Amicable. At the end of the worship service Bill and Barbara left the sanctuary and waited in the upper hall while the congregation voted on whether or not to covenant with him as a "settled pastor of Amicable Church". The vote was affirmative and the rest is history. Bill will reflect on that day and the years which have followed.















Past Events:

Special Summer Worship Series: (2019)

Connecting to the Spiritual in Everyday Life

Exploring Practices that keep us connected to the Divine and one another, members and friends of Amicable Church shared their experiences each Sunday.

Amicable's Lenten series "Meeting the Other" examined the 5 Moral Pillars explained in Jonathan Haidt's "The Righteous Mind". Each Sunday, personal experiences were shared on Loyalty/Betrayal, Sanctity/Purity/Degradation, Fairness/Cheating, Care/Harm, and Respect/Authority. In addition, a discussion series was held in partnership with the Tiverton Library inviting people from the community to listen and share their thoughts in an effort to heal the divide in our country.

Amicable held a special service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving on for All Saints Day.  All who attended were invited to share a photo and light a candle for individuals close to their heart who have passed on.


Groundbreaking Excitement!

Widening Our Welcome