Worship Themes


Sunday, November 3:

On this special Sunday, All Saints/ All Souls Sunday, we are encouraging all who join us in worship to bring photos of a loved one(s) who has died, either in this past year, or even longer. During the service, individuals will bring their photo(s) to the front of the sanctuary, place it/them near a candle(s), light the candle(s), and name their loved one(s). Photos of pets are also welcome. As this is also Pledge Sunday, we will be collecting and dedicating our financial pledges for 2020.








Sunday, November 10:

Veterans are invited to attend worship as we remember and honor all who have served in the armed forces this Veterans Day Sunday. As our theme this year is Peace, our worship service will focus on all those who work to bring about peace.









Sunday, November 17:

Two of the scripture readings for this Sunday seem to be complete opposites. In Luke 21:5-19, Jesus appears to be talking about end times - wars and destruction. In Isaiah 65: 17-25, God offers Isaiah a vision of what is coming and it is peace, tranquility, and abundance. Both of these texts are often found as readings near the end of the liturgical year and before the start of the new (Advent). Are we to focus on destruction or peace? Which "end time" vision is going to occur. During worship we will try to grow in our understanding of what appears to be a paradox.









Sunday, November 24:

Tired, but surely satisfied, from distributing Thanksgiving Baskets the day before, we will gather to give God thanks and praise for our many, bountiful blessings. We will also be collecting non-perishable food items for our local food pantries, as the need continues throughout the year. This last Sunday in the liturgical year is also known as Reign of Christ Sunday. 




Past Events:

Special Summer Worship Series 2018:

Connecting to the Spiritual in Everyday Life

Exploring Practices that keep us connected to the Divine and one another, members and friends of Amicable Church shared their experiences each Sunday.

Amicable's Lenten series "Meeting the Other" examined the 5 Moral Pillars explained in Jonathan Haidt's "The Righteous Mind". Each Sunday, personal experiences were shared on Loyalty/Betrayal, Sanctity/Purity/Degradation, Fairness/Cheating, Care/Harm, and Respect/Authority. In addition, a discussion series was held in partnership with the Tiverton Library inviting people from the community to listen and share their thoughts in an effort to heal the divide in our country.

Amicable held a special service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving on Wednesday, November 1, 2017, All Saints Day, at 7:30 p.m. All who attended were invited to share a photo and light a candle for individuals close to their heart who have passed on.

World Wide Communion Sunday, October  with children and youth participating!


Groundbreaking Excitement!

Widening Our Welcome

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