Worship Services

July 11 Beach Sunday at Fogland: A special service celebrating our Creator’s gift of water and sand and kick off our annual bleach clean up and picnic event. The beach is about 6 minutes from the church down Rt. 77, turn left on Pond Bridge Rd., and then a quick left onto Fogland Rd.

July 4th “The Ground upon Which We Stand”: This Sunday, we celebrate the 245th anniversary of our nation’s Declaration of Independence. As we recall this past, let us also reflect on the history of the “ground upon which we stand” at Amicable, which was significant in the relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Europeans. Later, Rhode Island was the first colony to call for religious freedom and the separation of church and state. In our UCC “God is still speaking” voice, we hear the words of those who forged this unique path for Rhode Island and our nation.