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September Worship Services

September 5, Labor Day Weekend

Honoring Those Who Worked to Build Our Nation

Labor Day originated during the late nineteenth century at the height of the Industrial Revolution. Laborers of all ages worked in factories, mills, and on railroads, where unsafe and unhealthy conditions prevailed. To protest, a series of strikes began a national labor movement and the formation of unions. Perhaps the most famous of these protests was the 1912 “Bread and Roses” strike in the textile mills of Lawrence, MA. As we purchase goods of all types, we rarely give thought to the human power that went into making these products. May we pray for all those who use their ingenuity, strength, and endurance to produce what we use daily in our lives.

September 12, RALLY SUNDAY

This Sunday marks the beginning of our Church School year and a regathering of our congregation after the summer months. We will celebrate with the “Build Your Own Service” worship, which was postponed from August 22. Members of the congregation sent in suggestions for readings and hymns that form the content of our service. In addition, there will be activities for our children and youth. Most important, we will celebrate our Amicable family as we begin to commemorate the church’s 275th anniversary.

September 26, Part 2

Honoring Amicable as Community: What Keeps Us Changing

Amicable Church has a long tradition of progressive worship, theology, and viewpoints. The ability to be contemporary helps a church stay relevant with each passing year. How do we balance tradition and our fast forward outlook on the world? How do we continue to adapt to a society that trends away from the institution of “church” and is more reliant on other modes for forming meaningful community?

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