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What do nice drinks, good treats, and wonderful company have in common?

Amicable's Coffee Hour!


We need your help! Please let us know if you are able to host and/or provide baked goods and/or other treats to our after-worship service Coffee Hour. Some ideas of what to bring: baked goods, snacks, fruit, some nut-free baked goods, some gluten free baked goods. Count on enough food for about 25 people.


  1. Please choose an open date from the calendar (It will say "OPEN Coffee Hour").

  2. Fill out the form below with your contact information, use the drop down menu to choose the date, and hit the SUBMIT button.

  3. We will book you for that date and send you a confirmation email.

Fire up your oven or stop at the grocery store... all treats are created equal and just as yummy! Better yet… just come and host our Coffee Hour!

Coffee Hour

Faith and Fellowship

Thank you! We will reserve your spot on the calendar and send you a confirmation email!

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